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an ongoing working track of the LifeWorldTheories Labs, in cooperation with The PhɅAct Collective


Welcome to the Age of Reflexivity
[A blueprint for a new humanism, beyond the comfort of polarisation.]

This set of basic writings of the Institute outlines key considerations on a new humanism ‘beyond the comfort of polarisation’. The collection of writings consists of four parts and the writings are coordinated from out of the Department of Critical Theory of The Arts Institute. That department also takes care of the writing of Part 4. The PhɅAct Collective writes Part 0, the LifeWorldTheories Lab writes Part 1. Part 2 is made by the idle-city-else Labs and Part 3 is written by the researchers of The Academia. The texts serve as the basic philosophy for the various departments of the Institute and parts are also published for open discussion in ‘Norms and Dialectics’, the journal of the PhAct Collective.

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